1. Apparently a year old today..

    Still on tour so no scanner. See you again some day soon! Sk


  2. Lately Speaking

    Hey everybody. My scanner is currently in storage, so it’s been a little hard to post photos lately. I’ve been sleeping on various futons  mattresses and couches. A little home-less, so to say. Pretty good though. Brain is **fried** in some strange directions from it.. It has forced me once more to ghetto scan my film, but also to take digital photos of things I see on screens as a kind of virtual looking at virtual. I recently took a film photo of a digital too. These can be seen on my new blog which brings my analogue and film together in some pixel mashup. 


    Nevertheless.. Talk soon! 

    xo Skye



  4. The Ferg, by Skye Gellmann


  5. Ferg Roof, by Skye Gellmann


  6. Sydney 2013, Police warning some children, by Skye Gellmann


  7. Found an oldie, by Skye Gellmann


  8. End of something big, by Skye Gellmann


  9. Time to go, by Skye Gellmann


  10. Kieran Law, by Skye Gellmann


  11. I have a new blog for my digital photography.. Seemed weird putting it up on here, so please follow!~ :) Thanks! 


  12. A place I wanted to build when I was younger, by Skye Gellmann


  13. Roundabouts, by Skye Gellmann


  14. Refuge, by Skye Gellmann


  15. Carlton Blerg, by Skye Gellmann